may 20

The Art of Patrón

We kicked off a national four-city tour at L.A. River Studios, where we created a 360 degree celebration of Patrón's commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. The evening brought together the five pillars that celebrate the unwavering artistry of Patrón Spirits: culinary arts, mixology and cocktails, music and culture, the iconic Patrón bottle itself, and of course handmade Patrón tequilas. We built a “hacienda” inside the studios, in which guests could don an Oculus Rift to experience an immersive virtual reality tour of Patrón's production process. The evening recognized artists' commitment to his or her respective craft—from tequila makers to bartenders to musicians, and chefs. Step through the slideshow to tour our creation. The Art of Patrón might be coming to your town soon, so stay tuned!

Revelers at the Art of Patron event in Los Angeles
Nothing says “party” like Patrón!
Exterior view of LA River Studios
From the street, painted silhouettes of Patrón bottles beckon guests to enter.
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
The painted graphics inside spin around, powered by chains connected to a stationary bicycle!
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
Keep pedalling!
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
At the Design Your Own Bottle station, guests gather to bedazzle Patrón bottles with a wide assortment of craft supplies.
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
Colorful Patrón bottles festooned by guests take a moment to dry.
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
Ladies, get your craft on!
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
A model visits the photo booth, wearing a dress made of green tags taken from Patrón Silver bottles, and the green tissue paper used in packaging.
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
A giant Patrón Silver bottle sculpture dominates the Art Gallery.
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
The bottle sculpture is made entirely of wax crayons!
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
Chess, anyone? Carefully carved corks identify the pieces in this one-of-a-kind Patrón Silver chess set.
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You can also watch a short video of the proceedings:

mar 12

Lytro Pop-up in Tokyo

In the heart of Tokyo’s fashion district, we designed Lytro Studio, a unique experiential space where photographers and the general public can experience the power of Lytro’s innovative Light Field technology. Lytro’s innovative cameras and software create 3D “living pictures” in a single exposure, which can be interacted with later to adjust focus, depth of field, tilt, and perspective shift.

Our design for the space emphasizes the creative possibilities of this new medium, with an “upside-down room” photo opportunity, and fun photo subjects to experiment with. iPads with the Lytro iOS mobile application allow visitors to experience the power of the software. Examples of works created by artists from around the work are on display, as living pictures and also as lenticular prints. The pop-up will be open for a full year, so be sure to stop by 2-32-3 Jingumae, Shibuya!

View of the storefront of Lytro Studio
The Upside-Down Room photo opportunity in Lytro Studio
Vitrines with Lytro cameras
Niches in the walls with photographic subjects for visitors to experiment with
The front of Lytro Studio, with various flower and geometric solids, which guests can make test exposures of
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mar 05

Amopé at Grand Central Station

At the legendary Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station, we created a unique fairy-tale themed event for Amopé to showcase their new Pedi Perfect line of footcare. This special promotion allowed the general public to experience the product line directly, with the help of an esthetician, and pose for a photo with Prince (or Princess!) Charming. Spokesperson Chrissy Teigen even took the stage, to have her foot fitted with a “glass slipper”. Step through the slideshow to see our design.

In Vanderbilt Hall, we created a giant curved platform, where visitors could receive the royal treatment..
A charming Prince and a lovely Maid greet guests and later pose with them at the flower photo wall.
Spokesperson Chrissy Teigen lends her lovely feet to Prince Charming for a test fitting.
After the Prince confirmed that the glass slipper did in fact fit, Chrissy autographed the bottom of the slipper.
Amopé’s Pedi-Perfect Pedi Perfect line includes moisturizers and an Electronic Foot File, useful for removing hard skin to get feet #GlassSlipperReady.
Seated on the platform, a guest enjoys a session with a trained Amopé pedicurist.
Over the course of the day, the team of pedicurists performed over 160 treatments.
We created an elegant lounge for guests to relax in while they waited for their appointments.
The lounge incorporated unique design elements, including custom branded pillows.
A vitrine shows examples of each product in the Amopé Pedi Perfect line.
The glass slippers remained on display as the centerpiece of the space.
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feb 21

American Airlines at the Independent Spirit Awards

We created a unique backstage lounge for American Airlines, the official airline and a premier sponsor of the Film Independent Spirit Awards. VIPs and visitors got enjoy a taste of the American experience. Click through the slideshow to see the lounge.

Just steps from the sand, a branded entryway invites guests to enter the lounge.
A giant lightbox glows with the image of one of American's new Boeing 777-300ER planes.
Elegant lounge seating with customized pillows creates room to relax.
At the bar, bartenders offer special “in-flight” cocktails.
The concierge desk offers brochures and “in-flight” snacks.
A “Tweet from the Seat” station offers guests a chance to try American's new first class seats, and post a selfie on social media in exchange for Five Star Service certificates (good for expedited check-in and Admiral's Club lounge access).
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jan 21

Black Sea Premiere

We produced the premiere of Focus Features’ new film Black Sea, at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York. The film, starring Jude Law, centers on a submarine captain who takes a job with a shadowy backer to search the depths of the Black Sea for a submarine rumored to be loaded with gold. We created a red carpet area for media to photograph the film's creators and talent, and a dark, intimate lounge for socializing and celebration.

Street signage announces the premiere.
We created a red carpet area for press photography.
Jude Law poses with the film's writer, director, and producer.
Candles set the mood in the lounge area.
We created acrylic trays full of "gold" nuggets for servers to pass bite-sized savories.
The bar served custom cocktails including "Robinson's Punch" and "Gold Dust.".
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oct 19

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXV

Every year, FOX and the producers of the The Simpsons throw a party to celebrate the year's Treehouse of Horror episode. We designed and produced this year's milestone twenty-fifth anniversary party and screening, which included a live projection of this year's episode as it aired, circus sideshow acts, casino gaming stations, unique catering, and fun activity booths for guests. Held at the legendary Roosevelt Hotel in the heart of Hollywood, this was an evening to remember. Click through the slideshow to explore our creation!

A giant double-sided print of Ned Flanders as the devil spins in the center of the gaming room!
Cutouts of characters from the show greet guests at the check-in.
Inside the hellish “casino” gaming room, a dealer beckons guests to try their luck.
Craps dealers keep the chips moving. Guests can exchange their winnings for Simpsons-themed prizes.
On the walkway to the outdoor screening area, a frightened Bart Simpson hides behind a fountain.
Kodos and Kang, evil drooling aliens from the planet Rigel IV (and recurring characters on the annual Treehouse of Horror episode) greet guests as they enter the outdoor area!
The outdoor lounge offers original activity booths, including private sessions with a fortune teller just off the main space.
We covered the Roosevelt's pool to create a VIP dining area.
When the Treehouse of Horror episode airs, all attention turns to the screen. The episode always features some of the most inventive and ambitious animation of the show's entire season.
Bartenders dressed as "droogs" from A Clockwork Orange (one of the many reference made in the episode) pour drinks for guests.
A guest tests his strength on the High Striker.
Actors dressed as schoolmarms dole out handwritten messages to guests at the Personalized Chalk Board Punishments booth.
A contortionist flexes for the crowd.
A sexy snake-charmer lets daring guests handle her pet.
A sword swallower, at the high point of her act!
A stilt-walker struts, dances, and spins with a specially made cane.
A fire-eater tries a taste of his wares.
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oct 1

We're Finalists in the 2014 BizBash Event Style Awards!

BizBash gave us the nod for an event we designed and produced in January, when for the eighth consecutive year we constructed an elaborate Godiva chocolate lounge at the Warner Brothers and inStyle Golden Globes after party. Look through the slideshow below and watch the video to tour our creation.


The editors will choose later this month from among the three finalists, but there's an additional award, called the “People's Choice” award, which is determined by a popular vote. That's where you come in! From now until midnight October 12, anyone can vote once per 24-hour period. So please vote early and vote often, share our campaign on Facebook, and retweet our announcement on Twitter!

A “chocolate bar” offers an extravagant spread of truffles for sampling.

Wall hangings made of pure Godiva chocolate celebrate “the game of love.”

Over 150,000 squares of fabric ‘pomp’ the gold fabric walls, creating a backdrop for our chocolate creations.

On our chocolate bookshelf, curling pages form a heart!

Heart shaped tables lined with truffles provide a place for guests to unwind.

“Dinner for Two”. Is anything more romantic? Our wall relief is made of milk, dark, and white chocolate.

“Love Songs”. Just like in the movies, the soundtrack is the soul of any story. Look closely, can you find the hidden heart?

Approximately 1,200 Gold Godiva Boxes make up the architectural screen panels.

We designed these heart-shaped acrylic candle holders as accent lights.

At the bar, Godiva liqueurs featured prominently in cocktails like the Truffletini and the Dark Horse.

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For a behind-the-scenes look at our process for this project, check out Madoff Production's “making of” video:

jul 29

Kissed by Covergirl at the Grove

CoverGirl's new glambassador, the lovely Youtube sensation Missglamorazzi, announced her new partnership with the company at an event we designed and produced today at The Grove in Los Angeles. Fans lined up to hear her tell the story of her ascent to stardom, watch her latest video posting, and meet her one-on-one, face-to-face! Afterwards, guests could receive a free styling at one of the makeup stations, and take a shot at the “kissing booth” photo opportunity, flanked by a pair of hunky young men.

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jul 28

Roca Patrón Launch Party in Brooklyn

We've designed an incredible six-city tour to announce the launch of a new premium tequila from Patrón Spirits. Our design played up the old-world, artisanal quality of this special small batch spirit, with wood from vintage aging barrels, rich black leather, and handmade chandeliers made from Roca bottles. Expert local mixologists were on hand to show off the exceptionally smooth flavor with a range of one-of-a-kind cocktails. This party’s about to go on tour, so stay tuned on social media for Roca Patrón’s premiere in your town! #rocapatron