oct 1

We're Finalists in the 2014 BizBash Event Style Awards!

BizBash gave us the nod for an event we designed and produced in January, when for the eighth consecutive year we constructed an elaborate Godiva chocolate lounge at the Warner Brothers and inStyle Golden Globes after party. Look through the slideshow below and watch the video to tour our creation.


The editors will choose later this month from among the three finalists, but there's an additional award, called the “People's Choice” award, which is determined by a popular vote. That's where you come in! From now until midnight October 12, anyone can vote once per 24-hour period. So please vote early and vote often, share our campaign on Facebook, and retweet our announcement on Twitter!

A “chocolate bar” offers an extravagant spread of truffles for sampling.

Wall hangings made of pure Godiva chocolate celebrate “the game of love.”

Over 150,000 squares of fabric ‘pomp’ the gold fabric walls, creating a backdrop for our chocolate creations.

On our chocolate bookshelf, curling pages form a heart!

Heart shaped tables lined with truffles provide a place for guests to unwind.

“Dinner for Two”. Is anything more romantic? Our wall relief is made of milk, dark, and white chocolate.

“Love Songs”. Just like in the movies, the soundtrack is the soul of any story. Look closely, can you find the hidden heart?

Approximately 1,200 Gold Godiva Boxes make up the architectural screen panels.

We designed these heart-shaped acrylic candle holders as accent lights.

At the bar, Godiva liqueurs featured prominently in cocktails like the Truffletini and the Dark Horse.


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For a behind-the-scenes look at our process for this project, check out Madoff Production's “making of” video:

jul 29

Kissed by Covergirl at the Grove

CoverGirl's new glambassador, the lovely Youtube sensation Missglamorazzi, announced her new partnership with the company at an event we designed and produced today at The Grove in Los Angeles. Fans lined up to hear her tell the story of her ascent to stardom, watch her latest video posting, and meet her one-on-one, face-to-face! Afterwards, guests could receive a free styling at one of the makeup stations, and take a shot at the “kissing booth” photo opportunity, flanked by a pair of hunky young men.


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jul 28

Roca Patrón Launch Party in Brooklyn

We've designed an incredible six-city tour to announce the launch of a new premium tequila from Patrón Spirits. Our design played up the old-world, artisanal quality of this special small batch spirit, with wood from vintage aging barrels, rich black leather, and handmade chandeliers made from Roca bottles. Expert local mixologists were on hand to show off the exceptionally smooth flavor with a range of one-of-a-kind cocktails. This party’s about to go on tour, so stay tuned on social media for Roca Patrón’s premiere in your town! #rocapatron

jun 8

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Float at L.A. Pride Parade

We designed and built this fun parade float for CBTL at this year's Pride parade in West Hollywood. Play the video to watch Mr. Ice Blended get down!

may 15

Winter WONKA-land NYC

Willy Wonka's latest creation is a work of pure imagination: banana-shaped ice cream pops in Vanilla Grape and Vanilla Banana flavors. They come on a stick, and best of all, they have an edible candy "peel." We created a one-weekend-only winter spectacular, complete with real life Oompa Loompas, in New York's meatpacking district to announce the new treats, free and open to the public. Click through the slideshow to tour Mr. Wonka's creation!

Mr. Wonka’s giant purple hat, perched on the awning above the street, signals to alert passersby that something special is coming!

On opening day, an Oompa Loompa greets pedestrians, beckoning them to enter the Winter WONKAland.

Frosted Wonka signage announces the space in the storefront window.

Inside, visitors experience a taste of pure imagination, as they wander winding paths through giant snow drifts, with giant Wonka treats like these oversize popsicles.

Giant truffles, covered in snow!

An “igloo” tent makes an impromptus storage spot for cases of Wonka Peel-a-Pops.

A letter from Mr. Wonka announces the invention of the Peel-a-Pop (alongside his signature hat and longboat).

At an audio station, visitors can push a button to hear a chapter of the Wonka story.

Giant grapes festoon the walls, secret ingredients in the Vanilla Grape Peel-a-Pop.

Say Freeze!

Giant cake rolls stay cool in a snow bank.

Just like the everlasting gobstopper, Mr. Wonka’s truffles are extra-large.

The Peel-a-Pop is an ice cream snack in the shape of a banana. But unlike a real banana, the “peel” is edible!

A chocolate cake lover’s ultimate dream!


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For more, check out this amazing video with the unveiling and walk-through:

may 2

24 Premiere at the USS Intrepid

Jack Bauer is back! We produced the premiere of the incredible new limited series "24: Live Another Day", held aboard the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York.

The deck of the ship offers spectacular views of New York City.

We installed a giant red carpet along the length of the giant transparent pavilion on deck.

At the end of the red carpet was a new Chrysler 200, as featured in the show. Chrysler is the official sponsor of the show's sixth season.

Custom furniture and pillows create a place to relax on the giant ship.


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For more, check out this video of Kiefer Sutherland and the rest of the cast enjoying the evening with a special group of fans: