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mar 29

“Season of the Whiff ” at the Grove

We just worked with Head and Shoulders to launch their new campaign, “Season of the Whiff ”. For every “whiff ” (a swing and a miss) in this season of Major League Baseball, Head and Shoulders will make a $1 donation to Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, a charity dedicated to making baseball opportunities available for young people. The campaign was announced by Head and Shoulders' “Mane Man” C. J. Wilson, pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, with an appearance at the Grove in Los Angeles. We designed and built a customized batting cage, with an “umpire ”, and unique signage, where fans were invited to step up to the plate and “take a whiff ”. Watch a video of the event.

C.J. demonstrates a “double dose of confidence” with the Head and Shoulders girls.
Our batting cage features a life-size upright "umpire" sign, a billboard backdrop with a cheering audience, and branded signage messaging the campaign's theme.
C.J.'s teammate Josh Hamilton swings for charity.
Fans of all ages were also invited to step up to the plate.
Even the Easter Bunny decided to step inside and take a swing!
C.J. and Steelers safety Troy Polamalu take a break in a pair of branded director's chairs.
The new Head and Shoulders formula features the scent of Old Spice.
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jan 25

Chase Sapphire “On Location” at Sundance

At the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, we created a unique promotion for sponsor Chase Sapphire, featuring rotating movie-themed sets where guests could pose for a picture, with photos printed on-site and also posted to Facebook. Upstairs, gallery installations display movie memorabilia from historic films that premiered at Sundance. Take a look at the guests' online posts from the space, watch some video postcards produced by visitors, view one of the dozens of celebrity interviews filmed inside by IndieWire and E!, or take a trip through the slideshow below.

In the heart of Park City, we took over an entire building, and wrapped it in Chase Sapphire's signature blue signage, celebrating its sponsorship of the festival.
Just inside the front entrance, a receptionist directs visitors. Guests get the opportunity to use one of Chase's new cutting-edge ATMs, which feature a sophisticated touch-screen interface, and can dispense cash in any combination of denominations.
We created a traveler's lounge to promote Table and Travel, Chase's Sapphire's new service for card members. Chase brought in the service JustLuxe, who made exclusive restaurant reservations for guests.
An illusionistic “french cafe” lounge area continues the themes of travel and escape.
One of our four photo opportunities open to guests pays homage to the “Corny Collins Show” from the John Waters masterpiece Hairspray.
Dennis from our team (along with his digital doubles) whoops it up on the Corny Collins set as four different characters from the movie Hairspray!
At our Little Shop of Horrors photo opportunity, a life-size “Audrey II” (a man-eating plant from outer space) gobbles up guests.
One after another, visiting guests pose just before getting eaten by Audrey II!
Go Hoosiers! This high school basketball themed photo op celebrates the great 1986 film starring Gene Hackman.
Upstairs, a series of movie memorabilia installations celebrate Sundance's illustrious history. These mannequins wearing costumes from Super Troopers are especially popular with shutterbugs and their friends.
Down the hall, we installed costumes and a poster from Morgan Spurlock's films Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.
A corner installation featuring American Splendor memorabilia also offers stunning views of the city and the snowy hills beyond.
Outside,the second story balcony creates a branded space for celebrity interviews by E! and IndieWire.
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jan 13

Godiva Lounge at InStyle Golden Globes 2013

InStyle's Golden Globes afterparty at the Beverly Hilton is always something special, and this year was no exception. This was our seventh year to partner with InStyle and Warner Brothers in creating the Godiva Chocolate Lounge, celebrating the romance of film and television.

We installed over 1,000 votives set against Godiva Ballotin boxes, alternating with opulent “rose walls” covered in over 250,000 petals, to create a romantic atmosphere.
Inspired by Godiva's iconic satin heart box, available each year before Valentine's day, we created a "Love" emblem of real chocolate.
Fifteen different kind of Godiva chocolate make up the image, including stars, swirls, and pralines.
Our statement piece is a thirty foot long wall with four foot tall letters spelling out the word “love.”
This chocolate painting was inspired by Jackson Pollock, of course.
Drips of real white, milk, and dark chocolate animate the surface.
Love letters in "balloon" writing, made of pure chocolate, are inspired by 60s design.
Guests arrive at the party down the red carpet, and their first stop is the Godiva chocolate bar. Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Matt Damon, and Zac Efron made this their first stop, to choose from generous stacked pyramids of truffles, pralines, nuts, and chews.
The art on this bar was created by stripping away layers of chocolate to reveal the gold of Godiva's gold ballotin--a metaphor for love itself! The bar is anchored on both ends by chocolate vases stuffed with roses.
The bar menu spotlights Godiva Chocolate-infused Vodka, offering a Godiva Midnight Martini and a Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Royale.
Larry Abel and Raymond McCallister celebrate with Erica Lapidus of Godiva
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For a behind-the-scenes look at our process for this project, check out Madoff Production's “making of” video:

jan 29

Chase Sapphire “On Location” at Sundance

In Park City, Utah last month we designed and built a massive movie-themed interactive promotion for Chase Sapphire. This year's theme at the festival was “Looking Back,” focusing on famous films that originally had their premiere at Sundance. In response, we created an environment for VIPs and festival-goers to mingle, combining movie-themed sets, film memorabilia, and a working interactive “photo booth” in which visitors could enter the world of a famous film. Step through the slideshow to tour our creation!

The streets of Park City fill with visitors each year for the legendary film festival.

In the heart of town, right on Main Street, we transformed a little three story boutique into a wonderland of movie history.

Pedestrians on the street were drawn in by the spectacle of our photo booth, visible through the front window.

Inside one incarnation of the the photo booth installation, we created an imaginary landscape with a Blair Witch Project (1999) theme.

David, Jenn, and Dennis from our team mug it up for a photo booth shot in the “Blair Witch” tent!

Celebrating Dogtown and Z-boys (2001), another photo booth installation put visitors “skateboarding” on the Santa Monica beach.

Dennis hits the ramp sporting a Tony Alva wig!

On the third floor, we created a gallery of memorabilia. In one section devoted to the Motorcycle Diaries (2004), we installed a restored 1937 Norton 500 motorcycle, the same model used in the making of the film.

A Bones Brigade Reunion! Skateboarding legends Stacy Peralta, Rodney Mullen, and Tommy Guerrero catch up over a glass of wine in our Dogtown themed area.

In the same room, we also created an installation of Napoleon Dynamite (2004) memorabilia.

We even installed the Napoleon Dynamite “time machine” prop used in the film, on loan from Sony Studios!

On the second floor, we created a Window to Paris (1994) themed lounge, with cafe chairs and tables.

Also on the second floor, we created a Western themed lounge inspired by the modern western design of Buck (2011).

On the far wall of the “Buck” Lounge, we installed some antique rifles. (Non-functioning props, of course!)

On the third floor, we created an environment for visiting press crews with a small step-and-repeat background, and blogging stations.

VIPs received bags of thank you gifts, including branded aviator hats with earflaps, blankets, and scarves good for the winter weather!

Upstairs, we created a Chase Sapphire branded charging station where visitors could recharge their laptops and phones.

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mar 5

Piaget Lounge

At the 25th Independent Spirit Awards at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, we created a special tented “jazz” lounge for Piaget.

Our entrance design juxtaposes the elegant refinement of Piaget's logo with a curvaceous, deco-inspired neon sign.

Inside the club, we used dramatic, theatrical lighting. Visitors enter to a view of a white lacquer baby grand piano, flanked by illuminated glamour shots.

An open floor plan and a curving “musical staff” design element create visual connections across the space.

The black dance floor catches the reflections of the lights, creating a noir ambience.

Low upholstered benches create zones for mingling.

An elaborate glass chandelier creates sparkle overhead.

The chandelier is hung with “blue notes.” Music is in the air!

The entry way to the lounge frames an Piaget-branded step-and-repeat wall, perfect for photo opportunities.

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