The Red Carpet

may 2

24 Premiere at the USS Intrepid

Jack Bauer is back! We produced the premiere of the incredible new limited series "24: Live Another Day", held aboard the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York.

The deck of the ship offers spectacular views of New York City.
We installed a giant red carpet along the length of the giant transparent pavilion on deck.
At the end of the red carpet was a new Chrysler 200, as featured in the show. Chrysler is the official sponsor of the show's sixth season.
Custom furniture and pillows create a place to relax on the giant ship.
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sep 21

Glee Fall Premiere

We designed an outdoor lounge for the Glee 2010 fall premiere screening and party.

On the lot at Paramount Studios, a Glee-themed outdoor lounge creates open space for mingling.

A bespoke “spiked lemonade stand” provides liquid refreshment on a hot day.

A unique drink menu offers unique twists on some old favorites.

Branded napkins celebrate the occasion with style!

Tablecloths and decor match the four bright Glee colors.

Rope and stanchion posts create an exclusive area for cast members.

Tabletop photo-sculptures featuring the show's cast create dynamic centerpieces at the seating areas.

Matching tea lights accent the tables.

Branded satin pillows trumpet the show's bold logo graphic.

Guests get a chance to unwind at a branded Glee ping-pong table.

A branded foosball table creates a spot for some friendly competition.

Chevrolet, the show's sponsor, turns up the heat on the red carpet with a brand-new ZR1 Corvette.

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aug 29

Entertainment Weekly Emmy Party

When L'Oréal sponsored Entertainment Weekly's celebration of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards at the Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood, we brought flowers!

L'Oréal products become the “petals” in our flower-inspired designs.

The garden at the Marquis makes the perfect background for our acrylic “urns” with L'Oréal flowers.

Rows of vitaminwater bottles create a rainbow of color beneath a graceful curving countertop.

When the sun goes down, lighting accents the designs, drawing the eye.

A long bank of tea light candles creates a warm glow across the space.

We brought the flowers indoors, to the bar/lounge, as well!

A brightly illuminated wall near the entry path creates a spot for celebrity photos.

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