Pop-up Shops

aug 10

Sunglasses of Palm Springs

We created a unique popup boutique for Sunglasses of Palm Springs at Raymond | Lawrence, a store of stores in Palm Springs' burgeoning Uptown Design District. We designed and built a custom acrylic wall rack that allowed them to massively increase their offerings, and created three freestanding acrylic cases to showcase designer brands.

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dec 23

TRON: Legacy Store at Royal/T

To coincide with the release of TRON: Legacy in 2010, Disney commissioned Abel McCallister to design, build, and operate a TRON-themed “pop-up” shop. Open for retail business at Royal/T space in Culver City, the shop was a runaway success, with thousands of visitors in the first month alone.

Our vision for the TRON store interprets the sleek futuristic look of the new film into a shopping environment. Vinyl decals on the front window reference the warped digital perspective of “The Grid” from the movie.

To complement the many glowing neon, chrome, and glass surfaces, we added touches of ornament, like this white Rococo chandelier.

Tables offer merchandise and memorabilia from the film.

Disney commissioned various high-end designers to create unique TRON-themed items, including handbags, shoes and jewelry, all of which were on offer through the store.

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apr 18

Hanes Comfortique

We were tasked with finding the perfect location in Los Angeles for a Hanes popup store to kick off their spring campaign. With just four days to build out the store, this was a welcome challenge!

We found a former antique store on Melrose Place that was the perfect location for the store. We replaced the canopies in front with crisp new signage.

Raymond McCallister worked with a Hanes stylist to design and produce six "red carpet" looks made from sheer fabrics, so that visitors could see the underwear underneath the clothes.

Inside we used padded panels, white-on-white decorative pieces, wall-mounted photo graphics, soft and comfortable lounge furniture, and eye-catching displays for the product.

Custom furniture and built-in video panels create a mood of indulgent comfort.

Inside the store, we recarpeted and repainted throughout, and added new window displays.

Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared at the store's launch, to kick off Hanes's new campaign.

During the kick off event, the custom clothes were showcased live by a group of models.

Custom bar ware and stylized drinks made the evening of the launch event a huge hit.

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